Mixed media ceramic and fiber boxes

My work is inspired by a passion to explore, and a desire to blur boundaries between function and non-function. I am fascinated by contrast, and continually examine relationships between both visual and tactile contrast, the repetition of texture and pattern, as well as the use of one object to create the illusion of another.

Working with mixed-media allows me freedom to explore additional interests. I have always had a love for fabrics, so it seems natural that fiber would eventually find it's way into my work. I find the visual and tactile differences in materials to be fascinating and beautiful. I enjoy the design challenges which I encounter in learning how the materials cooperate in coming together. It is my intent to combine various materials to create pieces which are both surprising in our day, and yet well rooted in our ancient memories.

I enjoy creating pieces which are whimsical and oddly curious. I hope you will find my creations delightful in appearance, as well as in function.

 © Nancy Beeman 2015